Who We Are

We are a team working in the field of supplies and factory implementation since
35 years, especially for pharmaceutical factories, engineers, supervisors, technicians, and workers

Our Mission

Quality Achievement Excellence in the local market

Our Vision

Providing distinguished services in a short time accompanied by the highest levels of quality and according to standards Accepted

Our Goals

1- Achieving leadership, excellence and credibility in the local market
2- Providing trained technical cadres capable of implementation according to local and international standards
3- Providing services to companies that help them increase productivity and reduce production losses
4- Completing the work in a timely and professional manner under the supervision of trained engineers


* 35-year-old purchasing manager for a drug company and other subsidiaries.
* 10 years, director of engineering management and executive director of companies
* Updating software and hardware production machines
* Increasing the productivity of production lines
* Implementation and finishing of a yacht factory
* Design and implementation of a pesticide plant
* Implementation of light trailers factory
* Conducting analytical studies to raise production efficiency
Implementation of an antibiotic factory for a drug company according to GMP
* Supervising the installation of mechanical works for pharmaceutical factories according to the executive drawings

Our Clients

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